River Valley

Specialty Products

Our specialty products include a wide variety of lines in many different categories including Natural, Organic, Gluten Free, Asian, Kosher, Ethnic, Snack and many others. Our products come from a wide variety of vendor partners from around the world. In addition to international and other "traditional" specialty categories, we also feature many regional and local brands which allow you to focus your store's selection on your particular customer.

We have found that our full-service approach fits extremely well with the snack category. We have a wide range of products in that category from Chips to Cookies to Crackers. We will even service your store's private label products saving you time and money on this labor-intensive category.

Here is a preview of just a select group of our specialty vendors:

Green Mountain Coffee Flora Foods
Polar Beverage Xochitl
Pirates Booty Bachman
Manischewitz Snack Factory
Keebler Stauffers
Dinosaur Barbeque Riso Gallo
NY Style Pita Chips Chiavettas  
Ole Mexican California Olive Ranch
Salamida Spiedie Sauce Tones Spices
Jones Soda Paul DeLima Coffee
Utz Snacks JFC
Dellalo Kikkoman
Freeman Formula Charles Chips
Back to Nature Explore Asia


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