Sam Mills

Sam-Mills---New-Item.pngSam Mills is a company that features high quality Gluten Free pasta items. These items are produced using a corn base and has a taste and texture that is very similar to traditional pasta. It comes in a variety of popular cuts and is a must-have in any Gluten Free set. All cuts are packaged in 16oz bags.

We now carry the following pasta cuts from Sam Mills.

Item #



SML02   Sam Mills GF Fusilli   8-97660-00202-0  
SML03   Sam Mills GF Fettuccine   8-97660-00222-8  
SML04   Sam Mills GF Spaghetti   8-97660-00220-4  
SML05   Sam Mills GF Penne Rigate   8-97660-00201-3  
SML06   Sam Mills GF Shells   8-97660-00205-1  
SML08 Sam Mills GF Rigatoni 8-97660-00200-6
SML09 Sam Mills GF Lasagne Corte 8-97660-00206-8
SML13 Sam Mills GF Pasta for Kids - Alphabets 8-97660-00252-5